Video Editing: Best Videos for Building Brand Awareness

Video editing is one of the most essential and best skills to learn in Digital Media Marketing. If you want to make videos as a means of promoting your brand, you need to know what types of videos you must create. Media Minds Digital Marketing Agency will teach you the best kinds of videos to make that will effectively boost and scale your brand to the highest level, which we call PHASETA.








Product Demos

A product demo is a video presentation of a product’s features and benefits and is intended to demonstrate its capabilities and persuade potential consumers to purchase the product. Media Minds video editors use this type of video to showcase the product’s elements and its purpose by utilizing creative camera angles, eye-catching special effects, and catchy music. A product demo intends to show how a product functions, its features and benefits, and how it would address a specific consumer problem. It allows clients to review the product before they purchase it. Demos can be presented through videos, live presentations, or even interactive software simulations. We at Media Minds believe that product demonstration videos are a powerful marketing technique for businesses and can be used to raise customer interest in their brands and products. 

How-to Videos

Have you ever searched for videos on YouTube and typed “How to” when you do not know or want to ask something? For Media Minds, how-to videos present detailed instructions on how to carry out a specific task or reach a particular objective. It can cover a broad range of subjects, but it often aims to teach and educate viewers on how to use a particular product, service, or software. Media Minds Digital Marketing Agency utilizes how-to videos to increase customer engagement by providing value by answering what they need or want. How-to videos could help a brand’s credibility by providing valuable information to potential customers and helping them trust the brand more.

Advertising Videos

Businesses use advertising videos, also known as branding videos, for product and service promotions or to reach their target audience by gaining publicity. Media Minds Digital Marketing Agency optimized these videos for they are made to capture the audience’s attention, explain the features of the product or service, and urge them to take action, such as purchasing something or becoming engaged in the business. Psychological tactics are applied to stimulate a consumer’s feelings about the need or want for a product or service. Media Minds use advertising videos mostly on online platforms such as social media applications (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok) and company websites through video advertisements and even audio promotions or endorsements.

Social Media Clips

Digital promotions, known as social media advertisements, are created especially for social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and more. Media Minds Digital Marketing Agency includes a brief, eye-catching design and a clear call-to-action message to entice customers or clients to interact with the business. These promotions can be in multiple structures, such as narrative, carousel, video, and story ads. As a digital marketing agency, Media Minds genuinely believe that social media platforms play an influential role for digital marketers because their targeting capabilities enable advertisers to promote brands to particular target audiences based on demographics, hobbies, behaviors, interests, etc.

Event Highlights

Have you missed a game you wanted to watch so badly and searched for what happened? Brief video recaps of an event called “event highlights” usually focus on presenting the event’s most significant or memorable parts that the viewers have missed. Media Minds video editors frequently utilize highlight videos for publicity and promotions, giving the target audience a glimpse into what happened and perhaps persuading and encouraging them to take action. Highlights can be used in various events, including podcasts, live games, conferences, concerts, festivals, trade shows, business discussions, etc. Media Minds feature videos of the event’s keynote speakers, presentations, activities, striking statements, and any memorable or exceptionally mesmerizing occasion that would evoke the audience’s feelings. Event highlights intend to offer them a taste of the event and attract them to interact with the involved company or brand.


Testimonials are used to express statements or approvals made by customers or clients who have benefited from a product or service and are prepared to spread the word about it. Testimonial videos allow businesses to display the satisfaction and success of their clients and foster confidence among possible upcoming clients. It can be done through documented or written statements, video clips, or audio recordings that are found primarily on business portfolios or websites. Media Minds Digital Marketing Agency maximizes the effectiveness of Testimonials as this is one of the most compelling videos that build and strengthen credibility when we present our brand to clients.

Animated Videos

Are you entertained by watching cartoons, anime, and illustrations? Animated videos are the type of videos that apply animation techniques, such as drawings or computer-generated imagery (CGI). We at Media Minds use animations as a form of way to catch the audience’s attention by giving energy or excitement when we present a call to action. Animated videos are an excellent approach to expression to demonstrate concepts, information, or narratives through videos graphically. Media Minds optimize this video form when we want to entertain, inform, and market a brand, depending on our target market.

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